How to pay and access your tickets to attend the Franchise Expo

Step 1

On your check out page, you will see on the right an option to use PayFast which is the payment process system we use to make secure online payments.

  • Check the box
  • and click place order



Step 2

Now you will be taken to the PayFast secure system.  Where you are given the options to pay via Visa card or EFT or Masterpass.
Select the option you are set up to use with your bank.   In this instance, I opted for EFT.





Step 3

I chose to pay via EFT and now it is time to choose my banking option.


Step 4

Now you need to input the username and password you set up with your bank.



Step 5

Once logged in you will be asked to pay the amount you requested.



Step 6

Now you need to wait for your OTP number which is normally sent via SMS or you need to access your banking mobile app and follow your bank’s instructions.


Step 7

Once you’ve received your OTP number, enter it and proceed to pay.


Step 8

Payfast will begin processing your order and take you back to the IFE Expo website.   Where you will see your order details.  We manually process tickets in our back end.  Please allow 24 hrs for us to do so.


Step 8

Once your order has been processed and completed you will receive an email to access your account where you will see your printable tickets. 


Step 9
When you log into your account, your Events should be displayed immediately on the screen as seen in the screenshot below.  However, if for some reason it isn’t displaying, please click on DASHBOARD to display my events.




Step 10

Click on Print/View Tickets and here you can access your ticket.  You can either print or open up on your phone to access the QR Code.  There are 2 types of ticket, see examples below:


If you get stuck please leave a comment in the comment box below with your name and surname so we can assist.


  • Philani Mbokazi

    May you help me in paying for the expo.

    • fasaweb

      Hi Philani, happy to assist. Please can go to the shop and select your ticket. https://www.ife.co.za/shop

      Once you’ve selected your ticket, read through the product info, here is a step-by-step guide how to use Payfast.

      Select the date you wish to attend and follow the process. Easy to follow. You will need to have access to your OTP security code you get from your bank.

      If you still need further assistance please contact: webadmin@fasa.co.za

  • Siyanda

    Hello @FASA
    Is there any other means of buying a ticket rather than an electric method?

    Thank you.

    • fasaweb

      We have added our bank details to the system. Please register and get banking details for bank transfer.

  • Thabo

    What are your bank details I want to make a transfer now

    • fasaweb

      HI Thabo Did you find our bank details? It would be best to register and then come to the door and pay.

  • nondukhetho

    hi may you please help me

    • fasaweb

      Hi Nondukhetho How can I assist you?

  • ntuthuko.siboniso

    I am willing to place an order for the ticket of the seminar on the 9th only. i will pay at the door.

    • fasaweb

      Hi Ntuthuko that is great. Have you registered. Register online and pay at the door when you arrive.

  • lizzienkutha

    Hi there I’m trying to buy tickets for the one day seminar but I’m having difficulty. Under the pay option your system is not allowing me to choose a method of payment. Its just greyed out. What should I do as I would like to use a bank card for payment.


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