MiniChess is a Franchise business-opportunity in the Education and Training sector – focussing on critical Human Capital development for the fast-changing 21st Century: the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The MiniChess Franchise takes its place as a highly-accredited programme education-innovation, towards enhancing 21st Century education-relevance – it is presented both extra-curricular as well as inside the school time-table AND in both self-paying and disadvantaged communities.
This business serves the clear purpose of empowering education-enrichment towards building Entrepreneurial thinking skills from the early ages – including higher-order thinking skills, socio-emotional toolkit and STEM-skills.

NOTE: It is NOT a simple/ordinary chess-coaching programme, but it does use many chess-based mini-games as a platform for teaching important skills which are not addressed in the school-curriculum. It does teach learners how to play a good game of chess, as an added benefit.

The Business Opportunity

Who will be suitable as a MiniChess Franchisee?

  • A community-minded people’s person
  • Being passionate about children and education-innovation
  • A good communicator
  • Being driven as business-owner
  • Need to be structured, with organisational and managerial skills
  • Being connected with Corporate partners and Sponsors will allow a Franchisee to access funding for programmes in disadvantaged communities

Steps for a Business start-up:

  1. Register a business and Apply as Prospective MiniChess Franchisee
  2. Start the FASA-process of Franchise-acquisition and contracting with MCF Holdings.
  3. Identify the dedicated Franchise geographical area.
  4.  DOES NOT need to rent a venue, carry stock or employ people
  5. DOES NEED a vehicle and online connectivity to communicate and serve schools, learning centres and clients in the Region.
  6. No pre-knowledge of chess and/or education is required.
  7. Full Franchisee-licenced Rights at R75,000-00 upfront. Will need ± R10,000-00 in your pocket for initial starting-up/marketing.

After the Franchise Contract is signed:

  • Receive Level 1 MiniChess Teacher Training, with Teacher Manual & Workbook
  • All MiniChess teaching materials and equipment
  • Marketing Materials
  • Direct Marketing support for 3-6 months
  • Ongoing financial-admin support

Income Generation

Will be directly linked to number of learners, within 3 different MC implementation-models.

  1. Private/extra-curricular MiniChess programmes
  2. In-school curriculum MiniChess programmes
  3. Sponsored MiniChess programmes in disadvantaged communities, in collaboration with non-profits

Income Streams

  • In Self-paying schools & communities

  • In Sponsored communities

  • MindCo Unlimited – added/new opportunity

Projected income

  1. Fully dependable in being visible, available and actively presenting MiniChess in the region.
  2. Incomes vary a lot depending on the Franchisee’s activity in his/her region.
  3.  Can expect a start-up income in year 1 of ±R 100,000 but can normally grow to R20-30,000/pm by year 3 and more going forward.
  4. The Distribution of fees are done according to the 5 services included in the monthly learner fee:
  • Teacher Fee
  • Learner Workbook Fee
  • Regional Coordinator + National Coordinator fees (QA-support)
  • Financial admin + licencing fee, plus marketing support. Different models on average delivers 70-75% + to Franchisees for their contribution in the MiniChess-product, which can be the monthly Teacher fee and/or Regional Coordinator fee.

Marketing and support

  1. Franchisees market on all platforms & all opportunities inside their own contracted, dedicated geographical Franchise-area
  2. MCF Holdings market to national and international platforms
  • National Expo’s
  • Website
  • Facebook Page
  • Linked-In