How to evaluate a franchise business.
Nicola Mare – Franchise Consultant
Franchize Directions

What to avoid ending up at the CCMA in an employee dispute.
Craig Berkowitz – Specialist labour lawyer and Acting Judge in the Labour Court of South Africa
Berkowitz Attorneys

How to recruit the right people for your business.
Adele van der Merwe  –  Business Development Consultant
Express Employment Professionals

Intellectual Property – the key to sustainable success in business.
Stephen Hollis – Partner
Adams & Adams

Every business (whether a start-up, a franchise or an established and pioneering business) needs to be able to, at all times, identify, value and protect their IP assets and understand how to effectively commercialize them to secure and exploit a competitive advantage which is the cornerstone of the success of any business, large or small. In this talk, we will explore the value of IP to your ventures and business endeavours and discuss some do’s and don’ts that every business owner should be aware of insofar as the development, creation, protection and commercialization of their IP assets are concerned. Oh, and EVERY business has IP assets…

Business fitness for funding 
Sanele Gumede  –  Product Manager:  Alternative Funding 

Controlling Costs and Break Even
Claus Kuhl – Director
Midek Paint Contracts (Pty) Ltd

The financial aspects of a small  business are very often neglected or not understood and without a basic financial understanding and controls in place  you will very likely fail.  The presentation aims to give you the tools and a better understanding of being in finacial control of your business..

What are the pitfalls in signing a lease agreement?
Mercia Fynn – 
Director Commercial Attorney

The presentation identified a few important clauses to look out for in a lease agreement, and discussed the legal position with regards to these. It also dealt with key considerations to bear in mind when selecting a premises as well as dispute resolution.