Have you been invited to be a guest  speaker at an exhibition or networking event?
Are you exhibiting or sponsoring an event?
Are you hosting the event or one of the event organisers?


Having assisted and organised events previously a common observation is how little exhibitors, suppliers, sponsors, speakers participate and actually do to gain the best exposure for their service offering.   You spend all that money to exhibit but waste the opportunity by delivering poorly on presentation and not maximising the advertising potential.

Whatever your role; an expo, an event, a workshop, a seminar, a networking event is a great opportunity for you to invite people to come and chat to you about your franchise opportunity.

To get the best return on investment for exhibiting you need to widen your reach to leverage all opportunities.  From speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, staff, suppliers and service providers, everyone involved, should actively participate and promote the event to their network to get as much traffic as possible to the event.

This is not about your competitor!   This is about you and your customer.  Your customers are your biggest fans and more likely to support you or invest in your franchise business.  Invite your fans to come and see you at the franchise expo.  Let them know that you will be making yourself available should they be interested in purchasing a franchise.  From the day you sign up to exhibit, during and even after the event you should be demonstrating to potential visitors what they can experience and why they should be visiting you at the expo.


Helping to Promote your event to everyone in your network you benefit because it:

  • Gives you a reason to send out an email to your database to announce a big event.
  • Gives you a reason to promote the event via your social networks.
  • Raises your visibility to a larger network of people outside your own network.
  • Being a speaker at an event adds to your credibility to your brand reputation.
  • Establish relationships with strangers before the event which when meeting face to face makes a long term impact.

Franchise Expo social media marketing


Word of mouth advertising is still the most powerful form of advertising and now it’s just got easier with email and social media.

Event organisers have their own database and their own network which reaches a certain amount of people. By informing your customers, your business partners, suppliers and your friends you are extending that reach, especially if everyone involved in the event does the same thing including staff members.

So in a nutshell and let’s keep this very simple, let’s say you are a speaker at the expo and you have 4 staff members that makes a total of 5 people. If all of you promote the event and each of you have 500 people in your network you can increase your reach by an additional 2000 people instead of just 500. Now if the event organiser has 2000 people that takes the number up to 4500. However, let’s say there are 10 exhibitors who have at least 500 people in their networks, now the reach extends to a further 5000 and now totals to 9,500. If you just leave it up to the organiser alone to promote the event the reach is limited to 2000 people. However, if everyone actively participates you can easily reach a lot more people which ultimately benefits everyone involved.


Ways you can promote the event to help you gain more visitors to your stand

  • Tweet the IF Expo in your network using hash tags #IFE and tag @franchisingsa so we can retweet the event.
  • Ask the event organiser for promotional material which you can hand out to your customers and suppliers.
  • Publish press releases.
  • Write articles or blog posts about the expo and reasons why they should come and speak to you.
  • Promote that you will be at the exhibition on social networking sites.
  • Blog on the Franchise Exhibition Blog website and then tweet it and post it on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Set up an event on Facebook and invite all your friends.
  • If you belong to clubs, tell other club members.
  • If you run a newsletter, send out a newsletter letting your fans know they can come and speak to you about franchise opportunities.

If you make use of media buyers or agencies make sure you ask them to promote the event when they schedule your online posts.

There is a wise old saying that says, “what you sow you will reap” Spread the word, promote others and it will ultimately increase your visibility and gain you new business opportunities.


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