In our world of impersonal digital communication, which relies more and more on cyberspace interaction, getting to speak to a friendly face is becoming a thing of the past. Prospective franchisees often voice their frustration at having to make enquiries, submit applications and basically trawl various franchisors’ websites in order to get the information they need – often without ever meeting the franchisor.

From a franchisor’s perspective, it is often impossible to accommodate seeing every franchise enquiry face-to-face as often these are just preliminary information gathering encounters.

It is at shows like the IFE franchise expo that both franchisors and prospective franchisees get to meet in a conducive atmosphere where information can be exchanged with franchisees being able to get a feel of what a franchise is all about and the franchisors able to assess the potential level of visitors. With over 100 exhibitors and attracting close to 5 000 visitors from South Africa, the rest of Africa and abroad, IFE 2015 is the perfect platform for meaningful networking and business success.

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