Exhibiting can be expensive if you don’t prepare, plan and leverage the opportunity to get the best return.  As you get closer to the big day, review your check list to make sure you are on schedule.  Now it’s time to finish off what needs to be done and to focus time on the activities you plan to run during the expo.

Choosing Representatives to represent you at the Exhibition

You will need a team of people to help you on the day of the exhibition.  You do not want to use time wasters, people who are not interested nor have the skills/experience/knowledge to deliver what you would need them to deliver during the days of the exhibition.  You spent a lot of money to exhibit, do not waste your money using your receptionist to sell your business unless she is skilled to do it and is able to deliver.  Choose people that are passionate about your business, who have sales abilities and people skills.  Choose people who have experience and who have good knowledge about your business.  Consider inviting franchisees to join you for the day.

Training and Preparation for the Expo Event

Don’t expect people to know what to do at an exhibition.  Train and prepare exhibition assistants for the event.  Help them understand who the target market is, how to present to the type of visitors who will be attending the event.  Set goals to measure progress and let exhibition assistants know what you expect from them, offer incentives.  Give your assistants the tools they need to help them sell your business, whether this be a speech they need to give people when speaking to them or a brochure or object or a demo.  Equip your assistants with what they need to make you look good.  It may be a good idea to delegate one/two people to handle meeting and greeting people.  It’s important to capture as much contact information as you can from people who visit your stalls.  They may not buy from you today but they may buy from you in 6 months or a year’s time.

Check list

  • Prepare a check list of everything you will need at the event, from extension cords, plugs, change of clothes, camera for taking pics, pens, etc.
  • Prepare a roster and make sure you have enough people helping you at the expo so your stand is not left unmanned.  Allow enough time for people to rest and freshen up.


A friendly vibrant stand is an approachable stand.  What can you do to stand out?  What can you do to give people a taste of what it will be like to be a part of your future team?

  • Make use of mascots and other forms of entertainment to attract people to your stand.
  • Ask your staff if anyone wishes to perform an act or hire entertainment.
  • Demonstrate how your product or service work?
  • Offer free consultations so people can experience your business as a customer or potential partner in business.
  • Give people a real live demo of a day in your business.
  • People want to learn stuff, what can you teach them on the day? A DIY tip?
  • Host a competition.

A dead stand does not catch people’s attention.  It cost’s money to exhibit and it pays to plan and it pays to make it interesting if you want the best return on investment.

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