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29 June - Friday

9h30 – How to franchise your business

10h30 – How to evaluate a franchise

11h30 – What are the legal requirements when starting your own business

12h30 – Can I design and publish my own website

13h30 – How do I promote and market my business on social media

14h30 – Business fitness for funding

15h30 – Effective local community marketing


30 June - Saturday

9h30 – All you need to know about trademarks, patents, copyright and other intellectual property matters

10h30 – How do I pick the right site for my business

11h30 – What are the pitfalls in signing a lease agreement?

12h30 – Franchise agreements explained

13h30 – How can I grow my turnover effectively

14h30 – Controlling costs and calculating break-even and other financial formulas

15h30 – What happens to my business should I become disabled or die?


1st July - Sunday

9h30 – How to recruit the right personnel for your business

10h30 – What should I do to avoid ending up at the CCMA during a dispute with an employee?

11h30 – Keeping employees motivated day in and day out

12h30 – Surprise and delight customers – How to train and develop employees to live by this motto

13h30 – What is the best funding model for my business

14h30 – Tax and your business