The IFE Franchise Expo hosted in South Africa brings together a variety of franchise businesses for sale where you can explore available franchise opportunities that are available in the market place.

Franchising is the one business sector that is able to weather the storm of economic downturns and the franchise industry has been historically known to thrive when things slow down. Investing in a tried-and-tested successful business like a franchise businesses can be the right type of investment for you.

Besides franchise businesses who will be exhibiting, the Business Franchise Expo has all the auxiliary professionals to the franchise industry. Franchise Consultants can help you with buying a franchise or franchising your business. Lawyers who can assist you with the legal part of buying a franchise and lastly speak to banks and funders who specialise in assisting franchisees.

We believe that education is key to success and FASA organises a wide range of workshops and presentations you can attend where you can learn about how to apply and find funding to franchise a business, how to assess and evaluate a franchise and how to franchise your business.

Dates:  2019

Friday, 2019 – 10h00 to 17h00
Saturday, 2019 – 09h00 to 17h00
Sunday, 2019 – 09h00 to 16h00

Ticket cost:  R100 per person for 3 days.
Tickets available online or at the gate!

Online bookings opening soon!



Who should attend?

  • People interested in owning a tried-and-tested business.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • University graduates.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • College leavers.
  • Corporate employees who want their own business.
  • Women looking to build their own financial independence.
  • Individuals who are looking to create wealth opportunities and income streams.

How to Make the Most of Visiting the IFE Franchise Expo to shop for franchise businesses for sale?

The IFE Franchise expo features a wide range of franchise business opportunities that are for sale and is also the place to find out everything to do with acquiring a new business, buying a franchise business and finance.
Franchising is without doubt the most successful business mechanism in the modern world. It continues to provide the widest possible entrepreneurial opportunities for people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds.

With close to 50% of all retail sales going through the franchise mechanism in the United States, with Western Europe at 30%, Australia at 26% and South Africa at around 12%, franchising’s ability to duplicate successful businesses from a wide range of business sectors is the key to its success across the globe.

Buying a franchise is like getting a pattern for that jumper you like, or that recipe for that “to-die-for-chocolate-cake”. You have in your hands the formula to make things happen, but it’s up to you to activate either the pattern or the recipe. Similarly, a franchisor only provides you with a blueprint for business success – he will give you the tried and tested recipe, but he won’t bake the cake for you.

The first challenge is to choose a business that you can afford, that you enjoy, that gives you the training and know-how, that gives you the support you need and provides the financial return you want.

The second challenge is to take the proven formula for business success and make it work for you. The challenge of a franchise opportunity lies in three vital ingredients – opportunity, means and motivation.


Tips  and What You Will Experience When Visiting the Franchise Expo

FASA’s IFE Franchise Expo gives visitors the opportunity to experience the excitement of franchising as both a consumer and as a prospective franchisee. Franchise brands, across 17 sectors, cross our paths every day – whether in business, lifestyle or leisure. Understanding the ‘franchise experience’ will give you, as a prospective franchisee a better idea of what franchise to choose. Below are some tips when visiting the the expo.

1. Come Prepared

A show like the IFE Franchise Expo offers an overwhelming number of franchise business opportunities up for sale. Allow for a good few hours to work the show and get a sense of what’s on offer. Collect cards and leaflets and remember, you are there primarily to gather information so give yourself enough time to do the rounds.

2.  Consult with FASA

The Franchise Association of South Africa, who stages the exhibition, has a stand and can help you with any questions you might have about franchising in general.  They also have a series of books on sale which will help you make the right decision.

3.  Consult with the Professionals

Besides the franchisors themselves, the IFE Franchise Expo has all the auxiliary professionals to the franchise industry exhibiting – the franchise consultants who can help you if you want to franchise your own business, the banks who specialise in assisting franchisees, the lawyers and the auditors who can assist you with the legal and financial part of buying a franchise.

4.  Talk to the Franchisors

The expo gives you the opportunity to talk to a wide range of established and new franchisors about their concepts. Don’t be afraid to compare concepts and to ask questions in order to get as much information about how franchising works.

5.  Don’t be Pressurised to Sign Up

Franchising is covered by the Consumer Protection Act, in that it requires franchisors to issue a Disclosure Document to prospective franchise buyers that disclose pertinent information on the franchise opportunity.  Don’t be rushed or pressured into buying; take time to do your homework and think carefully before you decide.  Once you’ve signed the franchise contract, you are bound by that business decision.

6.  Give a Good Impression

Franchisors, from their side, can be quite selective when choosing a franchisee so, in the same way a franchisor will put his best foot forward at an expo, you too should give a favorable impression on your skills and potential.

7.  Don’t be Taken in by the Hype

Franchising is one of the most exciting business sectors to be in and it is easy to get carried away with how wonderful an opportunity is and how much money there is to be made.  A responsible franchisor will always give you both sides of the picture – giving the positive side but also pointing out the serious commitment you will be buying into and the hard work that it entails.

8.  Can You be Your Own Boss?

Take a long, hard look at yourself and ask yourself if you’re cut out to own your own business. You might not be used to working long hours or don’t want to give up your leisure time to devote 24/7 to a business. You must also always have the support of family before you take the plunge and be your own boss!

9.  Bring the Family for a Day of Fun, Competitions and Entertainment

The IFE Franchise Expo is an educational and experiential event – bring the family along for a day of entertainment, education and fun filled events.  Food franchises are showcasing their products for you to enjoy.  Lots of interesting products and services on sale.

Franchise business opportunities to suit all pockets will be on show – from retail supermarkets to fast food brands; from automotive franchises to business-to-business opportunities. Funding and enterprise development projects will be on hand to discuss their BEE respective franchisee initiatives.



Dates:  2019

Friday,  2019 – 10h00 to 18h00

Saturday, 2019 – 09h00 to 18h00
Sunday, 1 July 2019 – 09h00 to 17h00

Cost of Entry:
Ticket cost:  R100 per person for 3 days.

Tickets available online or at the gate!


Online bookings opening soon!