The Franchise Association of South Africa and the International Franchise Expo is hosting the very first brand new Franchise Business Festival, launching on 30th June 2017.

Our goal as organisers of this event is to bring together qualified buyers, people who are interested in buying a tried and tested franchise business and franchisors who have franchise opportunities on offer. We want to bring together everyone that has an interest in the franchise industry, leaders, key stakeholders, suppliers, funders and specialists all under one roof as a one stop solution to experiencing the world of franchising.

The Franchise Business Festival is an educational and experiential event – aiming to make it a family and community event, 3 days packed full with entertainment, education and fun filled events with a beer garden and live music from great performing artists. 

We hunted and searched and found the perfect venue where you as an exhibitor has the opportunity to showcase your business or product to your heart’s content. Here’s how you can cash in as an exhibitor at the Franchise Business Festival:

  • Sell products or services at the festival to reduce the costs of exhibiting.
  • We are inviting pre-vetted and qualified leads to the festival. People with capital and serious buyers.

We all know that whoever makes the loudest noise and has the best deal gets the best results. The Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit – Expo and convention Centre is the perfect venue for you to showcase your franchise, goods and services any which way that works for your business:-

  • Offer activities giving visitors a taste of your business.
  • Run competitions to attract visitors to your stand.
  • Run demo’s show and tell people what it’s all about.
  • Share your knowledge through talks, seminars and discussions.

As organisers of this festival we want the very best results for you and we know the more exposure you can get the better it is for your business. As an added bonus, included in your exhibition pack is extra exposure for your business before during and after the event, as follows:-

Before the event you are promoted through our social media channels and during the event you are given the opportunity to include marketing in our “Goodie Bag” given to visitors at the entrance to the festival. Images and recorded video would be uploaded on our channels, at no cost, but it’s up to you to supply us with your marketing material.

This is your chance to dedicate 3 days focused on selling franchise businesses to potential buyers. Make the most of it. Give people a chance to learn more about your franchise and experience your products and services. Share your values, freely share information about your offering. Leave a good impression that they will remember you for. Not everyone is ready to buy today but a lasting impression in the mind of a visitor can give you a potential buyer later.

We are here to help you showcase your opportunity to increase your profit margin. What’s stopping you?  Book Your Stand Now!

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