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The Franchise Business Exhibition…
A Showcase for Your Franchise Business

Are you an established franchise brand looking to recruit franchisees? A business that would like to launch a new concept or would you like to supply businesses and the franchise world, the Franchise Business Exhibition is the place to exhibit and showcase your opportunity.

Despite the predictions of a global recession, when the market is down, retrenchments happen and insecurity happens in the job market, this is when people are spurred into being entrepreneurial, fully aware that they have to consider alternative careers and explore various opportunities.

The idea of going into business for themselves suddenly becomes feasible and franchising offers tried and tested businesses that attract a vast number of people who prefer to work as a team.

The combination of determination and a will to succeed from their side, coupled with a sound franchise opportunity, a solid brand and the fact that when times are hard, consumers choose well-known franchise brands and also explore new concepts and ideas to bring to the market place.


The Franchise Business Expo… The Ideal Place to Exhibit and Recruit Franchisees

The Franchise Business Exhibition attracts the most concentrated pool of quality visitors who are looking to invest in a franchise opportunity to build their income stream and to secure their financial future.  The Franchise Expo attracts a wide audience from young, to old, male and female.



The Franchise Business Expo… Will help you build your brand image

Exhibit at the Franchise Business Exhibition to not only to sell franchises, but to strengthen your franchise brand – to the public, your competitor and the media.

The Franchise Business Expo… Allows You to Network with Key Parties

With franchising getting so much attention in the business arena, in Government circles, within Africa and internationally, the Franchise Business Expo is the meeting ground for everyone involved in the franchise industry – from support services, suppliers to the industry, financial institutions, the legal fraternity and funding organisations.


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Activities for Exhibitors to get involved in

Exhibitors are encouraged to offer activities at their stands for example, how to bake the perfect pizza, make the best cappuccino, sell a property, franchise a business and so on.  There activities could be through “show and tell” experiences for visitors or a mini-lecture or seminar facility on the relevant company stand.


Exhibitors are encouraged to run competitions at the franchise festival – this enables the festival organisers to advertise the company’s presence at the festival to visitors.

Visitor “Goody Bag”

Every visitor will receive a “goody Bag” at the entrance to the festival.  A good way for exhibitors to gain more exposure – contributions towards the Goody Bag could be in a form of a give-away or a voucher.


Exhibitors should retail products and services over and above promoting their business.  Exhibitors are however, required to inform the franchise festival organisers of relevant retail lines/items so that it can be promoted by the organisers.

Reasons why you should exhibit at The Franchise Business Expo

  • Africa is the new franchise horizon and as the leader in franchising in Africa, South Africa and Franchise Business Exhibition offers the widest range of franchise opportunities.
  • The Franchise Business Expo is the official franchise exhibition of the Franchise Association of South Africa with 37 years of dedication to promoting franchising on the African continent.
  • The Franchise Business Expo, under the auspices of FASA, is recognised by franchise associations around the world and by the World Franchise Council, as one of the leading Franchise Shows of the world.
  • As the country’s only dedicated Franchise Show, Franchise Business Expo offers franchisors, suppliers and allied industries the ideal platform to promote their franchise concepts, their range of products and their support services.
  • It has been proved, year after year, that the Franchise Business Expo delivers the most concentrated pool of quality visitors – from within South Africa, from broader Africa and internationally.
  • The Franchise Business Expo is the only dedicated franchise show with the pulse on crucial developments in franchising – from international trends to spearheading franchise initiatives in Africa; from launching new concepts to introducing far-reaching funding initiatives.
  • The Franchise Association of South Africa and the Franchise Business Expo have been recognised by the South African Government as the catalysts to empowering the small business sector through the franchising business method.
  • The Franchise Business Expo is the meeting place for international and African business people whose common goal is to promote and establish franchising on the African continent.
  • Seminars, Forums and Discussions at the Franchise Business Expo will focus on the subject of franchising as an empowerment tool and both an entrepreneurial and job creation strategy whilst affording franchisors the opportunity to invest in the lucrative gateway that is franchising in Africa.
  • A solid marketing campaign – in print and electronic media – ensures maximum exposure for your business.
  • Retail your products and service at the franchise festival – this is an ideal vehicle to recover some if not all your exhibition costs – visitors are keen to purchase refreshments and promotional products during festivals so don’t miss out!
  • Offer competitions, educational seminars and talks – this offers a great opportunity for the organiser’s to promote your brand and the activities that you have on your stand during the festival.

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What’s Expected of Exhibitors for the 2018 festival

Exhibitors at the Franchise Business Expo are expected to offer an interactive experience at their stand for visitors who attend.  The aim is to increase the excitement and enjoyment experience for visitors so that they have fun while visiting your stand and interacting with your product or services.

This makes it far more memorable for the visitor who will hopefully be more likely to support your franchise – even if they don’t end up buying a franchise from you they will surely remember and support your brand next time round.

While the goal is to introduce your franchise to potential franchisees connecting with your existing and potential customers can provide some useful feedback on what they experience.  This will strengthen and rebuild their loyalty to your franchise and potentially invite new customers to support your franchise.

When visitors enjoy their experience at an expo they are more likely to tell others about it and re-visit the show and your stand in future.

Herewith some further ideas or suggestions:-

  • Arrange 3 or 5 young learners or school leavers to dress in your company’s uniform and walk through the show each holding a placard inviting visitors to your stand while playing some funky music (mini speakers in their pockets hooked up to a cell phone) – 3 or 4 times a day during the show
  • Arrange 3 or 5 young dancers to perform a dance to a signature tune on/or close to your stand twice a day
  • Product demonstrations  –  Provide ‘how to’ demonstrations – fix a leak, fix a crack in a wall, arts and crafts demonstrations, make the best omelette/cappuccino and so on.
  • Competitions – to make the best filling or topping for a pizza/waffle/ice cream, eating competition I.e. Who can consume as many hot dogs as possible in one minute.
  • Hire or purchase a mascot uniform and arrange walk-arounds handing out product/leaflets/entry forms/giveaways – in this regard please see the special discount offer by Theatre Land attached.

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International Exhibitors

We will be assisting visitors from other countries with visa requirements, accommodation and transport.   An outreach program of working with some 40 embassies has been implemented to encourage support for the Franchise Business Expo through Commercial and Chamber of Commerce divisions as well as offering an international business lounge to foreign visitors at next year’s expo.  The Franchise Business Expo is also being promoted through the association’s World Franchise Council contacts.