Festivals creates are fun places where people are relaxed and having an experience.  Festivals bring people together which makes it less intimidating for everyone involved.  Exhibiting also gives you the opportunity to catch up on the admin and back end of your business.  Such as

  • Sourcing and finding new suppliers to service your franchise.
  • Recruiting new franchisees.
  • Finding out information that you would not be aware of.  Public opinion on your service, products or overall business.
  • Keeping abreast of what your competitors are doing.
  • Launch and retail products.

More marketing tips to help you get the most return when exhibiting:

  • From start to finish create  informative, inspiring or entertaining content to help promote your franchise business.
  • The franchisor has 2 customers, when sending out flyers to promote your burgers, delicious wrap, pizza special, also advertise your franchise business opportunity and invite potential franchisees and to come meet with you at the franchise festival.  Existing customers already know you, like you and trust you.
  • Order pens, calendars, any additional branded items that will make your exhibition stand interesting.
  • Give something away for people to remember you.
  • Capture as many emails and/or cell numbers as possible so that you can continue useful interaction with potential customers long into the future.
  • Order T-shirts or have everyone dress the same so people can see clearly which franchise you are.
  • Find out about exhibition stands, what you will need. Check timing of things, make sure you’ve planned well in advance to make up for anything that can go wrong.
  • Include in your email newsletters, the ones you send out promoting your special offers. Advertise that you will be at the exhibition to talk to anyone interested in buying your franchise.  The people who are the most likely to want to own a franchise of yours, are already your biggest fans.
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