When I investigated the Sherpa Kids model to understand the intricacies involved, I did a lot of research, travelled to Australia to see the business in action and conducted due diligence.

What I absolutely love is the “everyone wins” paradigm in which the business operates. There are numerous audiences that benefit from Sherpa Kids franchises.

These include:

  1. Families – managing time/stress and priorities through reduced fragmentation of out of school hours care
  2. Schools – supporting them through educationally beneficial outsourcing and with a solution that allows principals and teachers to focus on their core function
  3. Children – improvement of self-esteem through improved results and social benefits
  4. Communities – the collection of all the positive benefits together with providing jobs/business opportunities for local suppliers/entrepreneurs
  5. Teachers – potential career-pathing post teaching careers

From a business model perspective, I found that the combination of the proven business model, strong brand equity, multi-market approach in an affordable, accessible franchise format translates into a business proposition which opens up business opportunities for a broad spectrum of South Africans to participate as business owners.

The offer is internationally benchmarked in premium education markets and is accredited in the markets where it operates and has been running for over 15 years.

From a transformative perspective, this resonates with me personally as broad spectrum ownership is critical to securing the future of South Africa where more of us see ourselves as self-sufficient contributors and less of us as state reliant.

For more information, visit the Sherpa Kids stand at the IFE.

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