One of the ways to market your business is to exhibit at festivals and exhibitions.  However, with a wide range of available expo’s to choose from each year, the important question for you to ask is,

“which  exhibition show will bring the best return for my business?”  For example,  The Int. Franchise Expo #2018ife is an event focused on showcasing the franchise industry.  Organisers of this event focus on bringing together stakeholders, government officials, industry experts, franchisors, franchisees and industry suppliers to network, recruit, supply and focus on promoting  and marketing your franchise business to potential buyers.

Something event organisers over the years have noticed, is that exhibitors do not maximise their return on investment when they present themselves at these events.

Exhibiting at an event like the Int. Franchise Expo can save you time and money when it comes to recruiting franchisees but the key is to plan and prepare.  

Here are tips, ideas and suggestions to help you maximise your return on investment when it comes to exhibiting at festivals, trade shows and expos:

1.  A key factor when exhibiting at expo’s and festivals is to leverage a

It takes roughly a year to organise a successful event like the franchise expo.  Event organisers are responsible for ensuring that you get the best exposure possible providing you with quality lead visitors.   Their goal is to supply you with a platform where you can showcase your offer to a wide range of visitors who visit these events.  In this case, it would be visitors interested in buying a franchise business.

  • Book your exhibition stand well in advance, the earlier the better.
  • Supply the event organisers with  everything they need that will aid them in promoting your business and/or franchise opportunity.

2.  Save yourself time and get the best return on investment when exhibiting at expo’s, festivals or trade shows

It’s important to follow all the requests from your event organisers to assist them in preparing for the upcoming expo.  If you are a business that exhibits often or every year, there are tools to help you save time in the long run.   These tools help you to upload different types of information such as logos, marketing material, presentations, profile photos, biographies all in one location.  The initial set up will take some time but once you’ve uploaded all the bits of information you can then send the link to exhibition organisers, PR and media that gives them access to the information they may need.

Create a shareable cloud folder using tools like Google Drive or Drop Box and begin storing the following elements in folders in your online Drive:

  • A professionally designed logo in high resolution. File size should be more than 1mb in size.
  • Digital content event organisers can use to help promote your franchise or business offering.
  • Promotional visuals such as presentations, specials, images.
  • Write up on your franchise or business offering.
  • Professional profile images of any speakers or key personnel.
  • Biographies of relevant people involved in the event.

This is the first easy step in getting on top of your game when it comes to using exhibitions and festivals to market your franchise business.  In our next article we will share tips on how to promote your franchise business or service.

One last thought to remember

With so much to do and not enough time on our hands, it’s easy to put things on the shelf to deal with later, “after all it’s months away”.  However, the event creeps up on you and before you know it, you have lost out on the free additional marketing and advertising  exposure for your franchise or business offering that’s often included in your exhibition pack.

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Romany Thresher is an online presence brand strategist, trend spotter and mentor specialising in creating a unified brand identity online for people and businesses using their website and social media presence. Romany works with you to align with your true talents and core value offering and shows you how to present and position yourself online for best return on investment. Romany's intuitive abilities equips you knowledge and solutions that catapult both you and your business into success.  
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